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Linda and Mark met at a writers' awards banquet circa 1997.  Mark became a blithering fool, and Linda made plans.  They married in 1999.

Linda primarily writes Christian children's stories.  Her second "Davy" book is expected to be released in late 2018, and is working on a series of short stories featuring jungle animals as main characters.

Mark mostly writes science fiction, though has written many fantasy stories in the past.  There is also a short story series that falls into the Thriller genre, of which the first is published in the Shadows and Teeth anthology linked on our Home page. He currently is dabbling in dark poetry.

The two live in Western Wisconsin, where Mark produces a local radio show. Linda is retired and busier than ever.  They also are host to the Most Spoiled Puppy in the World.

Mark Meier

Also known as Marc Meiner

Linda Meier

Also known as Auntie Pickles


AKA The Most Spoiled Puppy in the World, and The Dog Who Would Be King.

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