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Why Are We Here?

There’s a quote about the person who dies with the most toys, wins. But what do they win? And who determines who has the most toys? After all, if I have a collection of a thousand of those little green army men, I actually have more toys than the person who has a Ferrari.

BTW, I don’t have a collection of a thousand little green army men. Nor do I have a Ferrari.

If a person is focused on getting more toys, they’re simply looking at themselves. What a sad state to be in. A two-year-old thinks that’s way, and we expect that from kids. By the time someone is in their twenties it’s beginning to look a little sad. By the time age fifty comes around, most people feel pity when they look at someone with that attitude.

That’s not to say someone should not collect little green army men, or buy a Ferrari. Just ask, “What’s the purpose of those army men?” Then ask, “What happens to those army men when you die?” They’ll end up in some two-year-old’s toy chest or simply get tossed out when the next of kin sorts through those possessions.

The bible strongly implies the purpose of a human’s life is to know God, and to make Him known. In other words, to glorify the Being Who created the universe. Anything else is settling for refuse. Go look into a landfill. It’s filled with the hopes and dreams of people, and look where it ended up.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m not being holier than thou. I used to be that way. If I wanted “the next big thing” and could afford it, I bought it. My house is filled with that sort of stuff, and I can’t throw out because it’s still usable. Despite that, most of it doesn’t get used. I’m as guilty as anyone.

Acquiring things simply to get them is satisfying one’s ego, not glorifying God. The cosmos, despite not having any innate intelligence, glorifies God. A tree or a toad or a tiny tardigrade does the same without meaning to because that’s what it’s designed to do. That’s what people are designed to do, too.

Unlike the “water bear,” as tardigrades are known as, we have a choice. Do we want to glorify God? Do we want to know Him, or make Him known? If not, that’s called rebellion against God, and He has a special place set aside for those who rebel against Him.

It’s called the Lake of Fire. It’s been prepared for the Adversary - not you. But if you side with that Adversary in rebelling against God, that’s where you’ll end up. It’s not a threat, by the way. The bible also clearly states He wants to save you and bring you home to Him.

If you insist on collecting little green army men or luxury sports cars while neglecting His purpose for your life, you’ll end up as one of the Adversary’s collection. Separated from God. In the Landfill of Fire.

The Adversary has already lost that fight. Despite having an impressive collection of toys, he’s the biggest loser of them all.

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