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I’ve previously written about The Cave, from Plato’s Republic. In that story we find people chained to a wall, watching shadows moving on the opposite wall. Reality might be the exact opposite.

What do shadows know of the object casting the shadows? Consider your shadow on a sunny day. You walk along a sidewalk, and the shadow may have a dim understanding of the sidewalk based on how it influences the shadow’s shape. But what of the sidewalk itself? It knows nothing.

Another shadow comes along and converses with the first, discussing the nature of reality. Why do we become indistinct when a cloud-shadow passes? What deforms us as we move?

Suddenly shadow-players in the park next to the sidewalk hit a shadow-ball our direction. WHAM! Instead of the shadow-ball merging with our shadow-self, the ball itself intrudes, deforming us again.

But we have no concept of the ball, only the shadow of the ball.

Jesus was able to enter locked rooms, appear and disappear, in ways we can’t comprehend. That’s because we are shadows. He has a substance which can intrude on our shadow-world because He’s not shadow and is not constrained by shadow-rules. The shadow-door cannot keep out the reality of Him.

Currently scientists are working on explaining the nature of shadow-reality. They discount any of the substantial reality casting the shadows. People can’t suddenly appear in a locked room. Preposterous!

There’s a theory our universe is nothing but a hologram being run as a simulation.


When the substance of the Heavenly realm intrudes, we get miracles.

Well, miracles to shadows.

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