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Is It Time?

I may have explained this scam before. Someone writes a thousand letters, half of them saying Some Stock will increase in value in the next month, the other half saying Some Stock will decrease in value. One thousand people get that letter.

The price of Some Stock goes up, so the scammer ignores the mailing list for those who got the letter saying the price would go down. Five hundred letters go out, half of them saying the price of Some Stock will go up, the other half down. And the price drops this time, so 250 people have received a letters that has turned out to be accurate.

More letters go out, and 125 people have accurate predictions. Eventually someone will be impressed enough that they’ll send cash to Stock Scammers, LLC, 5000 Patsy Street, Suite 107. “Suite 107” turns out to be a post office box, and there’s no such business as Stock Scammers, LLC.

Everyone who sent money has lost it.

There are also people who look at the signs of the time and say, “The end is near! This generation will see the return of Christ!” I, personally, am skeptical.

Ever since Jesus walked this Earth people have thought the same thing. So far they’ve been wrong. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong NOW, though.

What makes me skeptical is that passage in Matthew which tells of disasters and wars, but also says it’s only the BEGINNING, not the end.

Saying it’s closer than ever is also a mistake. Simply the fact that it hasn’t happened yet means it’s closer than it was last week, last month, or last century. It’s like saying at four in the morning that the sunrise is closer than it’s been all night.

There’s a joke about that:

I stayed up all night waiting for sunrise. Then it dawned on me.

I love Dad Jokes.

The truth is there are a number of things which will happen before Christ returns. One of them is in the Matthew passage mentioned above. The good news about Jesus will be preached in all nations. That’s getting close to happening. The bible has never been translated into so many languages in the history of the world. (Did I just do the same thing I cautioned about? Yep.)

A Christian should always be ready for His return. That doesn’t mean, however, we shouldn’t be prepared for that event to happen after we die.

Nobody knows. Except the Father, according to Jesus.

Anyone who tells you definitely for sure might be trying to sell you Some Stock.

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