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ISO 9000

I work for a company that services a federal government contract. Back in August we had an audit to see if we were filling the requirements of that contract (we were). It happens every year, just to make sure we’re living up to what we promised. Nobody is surprised by that, right?

They make sure we’re getting things done in a timely manner, we’re not “cheating” the system or padding the numbers, in short, it’s a good move by the contract issuer to check up the contractor. It’s only good practice.

So why would anyone be surprised when God does the same thing?

The auditor for my company “shadows” an employee to watch the process of normal activities. The employee opens an order, checks to see what needs to be done, completes the task, and moves on. That’s really what God’s doing, too.

You have issues in life. Maybe they’re simple (what’s for breakfast?), maybe they’re more complicated (which car should I buy?), and maybe they have life-and-death consequences (enter your own example here). God’s watching every move you make to see how you react. Are you living up to your ISO 9000 requirements?

The audit at work resulted in the company not losing the contract or even being put on probation. The term “flying colors” comes to mind. But what would have happened to the employee who messed up the audit? That would have depended on how badly they performed. A worst-case scenario would have been termination of employment.

According to Genesis and Exodus, humanity is under contract with God. The terms of that contract are impossible to fulfill, so God promised HE would pay the price. Now all we have to do is throw ourselves on the mercy of the court and we’re okay. The ISO 9000 requirement got a lot easier to fulfil a couple thousand years ago.

God is shadowing us all day, every day, to see if we’re fulfilling the new contract. Trust Jesus, and you won’t lose the contract.

Don’t trust Jesus and you’re fired.


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