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I used to draw. Part of my high school classwork was architectural drafting, so I’m a bit familiar with a three-dimensional representation on a two-dimensional surface. One of the easiest things to do that with is a cube.

Pick a vanishing point at the edge of the sheet of paper, and point the proper lines at the correct VP, vertical lines are truly vertical, and you can make a cube “pop” from the surface.

An extension of that principle is the theory that the universe is a holographic simulation in a much larger reality. I have to admit it’s been a while since I watched the episode linked above, but there’s really no evidence it’s true. It’s only a possibility. Yet cosmologists keep studying it, trying to determine if it’s true.

For the record, I have no problem with that. I love science. Every bit of data acquired, in my opinion, adds to the glory of God.

That’s why, in case it’s true, I have to ask this question:

What if God is the one running that simulation?

If that’s the case we’re all in a test to see if we’re selfish enough to follow our own whims. Even if we seek altruism without Him, it’s for selfish reasons, BTW. If we follow Him, we’re a successful part of His simulation. If we turn our backs, we fail the test.

Do you want to be promoted out of the simulation into an eternity with the Being who created that simulation? Then follow Him.

Keep in mind, that theory of mine has more evidence for it than the simulation theory itself. When it comes to God, there’s a tent for that.

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