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The Bride

One of the things I have a hard time wrapping my brain around is a guy being a bride. Revelation talks about Christians being the Bride of Christ. Yeah, I know, there’s a lot of metaphor in that book, but it still makes my mind bend.

I’ve done a little research to see if there’s a bible study about The Bride, and so far I haven’t found anything like what I want. So I’m planning to write one. Maybe I’ll call it, A Dude’s Guide to Being a Bride.

Maybe not.

As I ponder things I’m writing down ideas. One of them is here. You get a sneak preview of my project.

In the beginning God created Adam. He caused the first man to fall asleep, then took a bit of that man and made Eve. Pretty familiar, right?

There is a passage where Paul talks about how sin entered the world through the first man, Adam, and talks about how Jesus, the second Adam, paid for all the sin of the world. A careful reader of this post will already see where I’m going.

The second Adam (Jesus) died (fell asleep, as it’s known in the new testament), and God took part of Jesus (His holiness, the Holy Spirit) and made His bride - the church.

So the church of God is the second Eve, AKA the Bride of Christ.

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