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The Last Episode

The last episode of the Seinfeld show dealt with the Good Samaritan law. If you see a crime happening and do nothing about it, you can be held accountable for your lack of action.

Basically, if you’re in a boat and see someone drowning, there’s a life preserver right next to you, and you don’t try to save that drowning person, you’re potentially guilty of murder.

That’s one of the reasons why Christians talk about Jesus. He is a life preserver for a drowning humanity.

Ezekiel 33 talks about how the prophet was appointed a watchman. He’s on the metaphorical walls of a city. He can see badness approaching. God wants him to blow the trumpet to alert the people to close the gates and take up weapons. “Load the catapults, pick up your bow and arrows, swordsmen - get up here and defend the city.”

If Ezekiel didn’t tell the people about what God said would happen, he’d be guilty of murdering everyone in that metaphorical city.

But Ezekiel did warn people. Therefore, he’s not accountable for those who don’t pay attention. Their punishment is on their own heads.

The same for Christians. We’re on the tower, warning people about the coming crisis. We’re throwing life preservers to people about to drown. We’re in NYC trying to stop a mugging.

Seinfeld and his friends went to jail for doing nothing when they could have stopped a criminal.

A Christian who doesn’t talk about Jesus and warn people about the way, the truth, and the life is just as guilty as those who commit crimes.

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