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This Means War!

This Means War!

I can see it in my mind. “Before” the beginning, in Eternity-past, all the angels were watching God getting ready to Create. Using temporal language here is not exactly accurate, so please forgive me.

The highest ranking angels stood by while the Trinity rubbed their hands together and cracked their knuckles. “Okay. I got this. Everybody ready?” Somewhere along the line, one part of the Trinity agreed to be forever subservient to another. Read 1 Corinthians 15:28 if you want to make sure I’m not full of bologna.

One of the angels balked. “Wait. What? You’re going to give the whole of your upcoming Creating to THAT?” Part of the Trinity had agreed to undergo the most horrible torture possible, and in doing so limiting himself to being human. All the power the Son still had would only be used at the behest of His Father.

“You’re letting everything You will Create be ruled by a . . . HUMAN?” That angel looked at himself, saw how beautiful and impressive he was, and thought to himself, “That’s an insult!”

Then he said to himself, “This means war.” He flipped off God, gathered a following, and went about a strategy of defeating Jesus. His actions through the ages have all been geared to that end. Perhaps he thought if Jesus had failed, the Father would take him instead.

Since Jesus didn’t fail there’s very little left for “that” angel to do. He has to know all is lost. The only tactic he has left in the losing war is a scorched earth policy of depriving the victor of as much as possible. But don’t be fooled. It’s still a war.

Experts studying World War II haven’t agreed on an exact percentage of how many soldiers actually saw combat. There’s a bit of a blurry line on what “combat” is, so it’s understandable the numbers range from 5% to 30%. The different battlefields of the Pacific Theater vs. the European Theater also throws confusion into the mix.

One of the tactics used by the Axis forces was to attack the supply lines. Supply ships would be sunk, so were cargo ship crew considered combat personnel? What about the code breakers? Spies? Insurgents? Were the folks working in the bomb factories in Europe combat personnel? They certainly contributed to the war machine.

So did farmers. They fed the millions of people who were front line fighters. The people in America who denied themselves in support of the army were doing what they could. It was all-out war. If you weren’t in support of our troops, you were against them.

The same is said about God, and people somehow object to that idea. But in reality, there’s a spiritual war going on now. If someone doesn’t realize that, it’s only because they either haven’t been told or don’t really believe in God and what He says.

Even if you’re in a factory putting together refrigerators, you’re part of an all out war between God and the forces of darkness.

You’re either for Him, or against Him.

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