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What Can God Do?

What Can God Do?

The short answer is, “Anything He wants.”

If you’ve read more than a couple of my posts you’ll already know I’m an author. I craft stories based on characters with traits I’ve assigned. Let’s take the character of Lannetay from the Ebony Sea series. Her husband died before they could have children, so she has a very soft spot in her heart for kids. That’s one of her basic motivating characteristics. So when she’s in a situation to rescue a kidnapped child, she does it.

When I set up that character, I knew I’d be putting her in those kinds of situations. A self assured Carnifor will be butting heads with Lannetay over rescuing that kid. Tension between major characters makes for a more interesting story. I set up the characters and invent a story to bring out the best in them. If the story needs something to happen, like a boy escaping a ship in a lifepod, then I have him escape a ship in a lifepod. If I need to have that lifepod get damaged so Lannetay can rescue that boy from certain death, it happens.

God does the same thing. He maps out the whole of creation and if He needs me to get let go from a job after twenty-eight years, then it happens. He created everything, so if He wants something to happen, it does.

There are various groups who have evaluated God. Some of them come to the project with a preconceived notion that miracles don’t exist. I have to ask why. If God wants the sea to open up to allow folks to escape an army, then close up again to obliterate that army, it happens. Why is it such a stretch of the imagination that the Being who created the Higgs boson and galactic super clusters could rain fire down from the sky to burn up a waterlogged pile of wood and the sacrificial bull on top of it?

What can God do? Anything He wants. If He wants a virgin to conceive and give birth to a Savior, it happens. If He wants to foreshadow the whole Salvation event on the cross, He can do it.

Why does anyone think something is beyond God’s reach?

I contend it’s because that someone doesn’t want to believe in God, despite the evidence. They think they know God better than God knows them.

In short, to doubt God is idolatry.

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