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What’s the ROI?

In marketing, there’s a concept of Return On Investment. Basically, it’s the increase you see for the advertising dollars spent. If you use a hundred or a thousand or more dollars to advertise, what will be your ROI? There’s a point at which every person decides to not invest their money because the ROI is too low.

Then there’s the point of diminishing returns. If you spend a thousand dollars and get ten thousand dollars of ROI, will the next thousand in advertising get you another ten thousand in ROI? Probably not. But there’s a spot where the fall-off in ROI is dramatic - where the “next” thousand will give you such a small return there’s no point in spending it.

It might be that “next” thousand will still give you a decent ROI - like eight hundred dollars above what you spent, but you don’t think it’s worth the investment. That point is different for everyone.

What I’m doing with these posts takes an investment in time. Often I wonder if what I’m doing is worth the effort. I wonder how pastors of small churches feel when they invest so many hours every week preparing a lesson, and only two dozen people hear it - if even that many.

Then I look at the numbers of those who read what I post and sigh.

Many times I’ve decided, “Why bother? That’s my last one. Not doing this again. The ROI is too small.”

But is it?

The Bible teaches that every person is made in the image of God. The strung out junkie prostitute is no less valuable than the popular preacher at a megachurch. If I believe that, how can I stop?

Perhaps someone today (or next week, or the week after, or even five years down the road) will read something that clicks. If just one person, regardless of their current status, turns away from their life of sin and joins Team Christ, it’s worth all the time spent.

When despair or “logic” tries to shut me down, as it often does, I have to remember the ROI. Even one makes it all worthwhile.

That’s how valuable you are to God. He sent Jesus.

The least I could do is spend time writing a message to post every week.

If you’re ever in the mood to discuss things, reach out to me. Chances are you know already how to get hold of me. If not, there’s a church near where you live. The pastors there would love to speak with you.

BTW, you’re more than someone’s ROI. You’re worth loving, and God loves you.

So do I.

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